Transactions of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul is a peer reviewed book series. Its main focus lies on conference proceedings, but it also features monographs and collections of scientific papers. Appearing since 1988, it spans the entire field of SRII areas of research, featuring books on various topics within political and religious sciences, history and social sciences, language and literature, Turkology, Byzantinology, and Middle Eastern studies.

The main editors of the series is the deputy director of the SRII, with assistance from an editorial committee selected from the SRII collegium. Proposals - of about 1-2 pages - should be sent to the main editor. If accepted by the editorial committee, complete manuscripts are submitted to at least two double blind peer reviewers. The SRII covers the cost for peer reviewing, language check and design, but printing costs should be covered by the authors. Guidelines for proposals can be found here.

Transactions issues are free to open-access availability.

Books from the Transactions series can be purchased directly from the SRII offices in Stockholm and Istanbul or through our distributor

Editorial Committee 2019 - 2020:

  • Olof Heilo (main editor)
  • Memet Aktürk Drake
  • Tonje Haugland Sørensen
  • Andrea Karlsson
  • Hege Irene Markussen
  • Joachim Östlund