The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII) was founded in 1962 with the aim of promoting Swedish and Nordic research about Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean as well as other regions that are connected linguistically, culturally, or historically.

Located within the compound of the Swedish Consulate General in Istanbul, the SRII offers a local academic platform for Nordic scholars coming to Istanbul, including a library, guesthouse, workplaces and an auditorium.

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The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul is looking for an intern for the fall semester of 2023. SFII offers a unique opportunity for interns to gain experience and interact with a research environment in the heart of Istanbul. During the internship, interns will develop their own research tasks and assist the institute's permanent staff in their work preparing workshops, seminars, and lectures, managing publications, websites, and social media. More information and instructions in Swedish can be found here.



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Winter 2022
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