The SRII maintains three publication series that appear on a regular basis:

Transactions of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul is a peer-reviewed series that has appeared since 1988. It contains both monographs and edited volumes, sometimes based on proceedings from workshops and conferences at the institute. All of them are available online and for free, but it is also possible to buy printed versions. The publication language is English.

Dragomanen, formerly known as Meddelanden, is the Swedish annual of the institute and has appeared in its current form since 1997. Issued in collaboration with the Association of friends, it contains essays and articles by scholars affiliated to the institute or its areas of research, usually around one specific topic each year. The main language is Swedish.

Kalabalık! is the bulletin of the institute and usually appears on the homepage at the end of every semester. First issued in 2017, it contains news and information about current activities at the institute, interviews and presentations of scholarship holders, as well as research summaries and papers. The main language is English, but it also accepts contributions in Swedish and Turkish.

The SRII also publishes other books on its various fields of research. Two such recurrent topics are the excavations at Labraunda and cultural contacts between Sweden and the Ottoman world.

Beginning 2020, some interviews, lectures and talks are recorded and uploaded to the homepage as podcasts under the title Hubbub.

Discontinued publication series can be found under Varia.

Most of our publications can be purchased either directly at Istanbul office, or through our online bookshop, go to Our distributor also sells via commercial channels like or