eds. L. Johanson & B. Utas 145 p., ISBN 91-86884-06-9

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1. L. Johanson, Introduction: Formal aspects of 'arud versification
2. B. Brendemoen, Imale in der osmanischen und tschagataischen Dichtung
3. J.T.P. de Bruijn, The individuality of the Persian metre khafîf
4. G. Doerfer, Gedanken zur Entstehung des ruba'i
5. B.H. Flemming, Notes on 'aruz in Turkish collections
6. G. Lazard, La mètre épique baloutchi et les origines du motaqâreb
7. H. Palva, Quantitative or accentual? Metrical problems of the contemporary Bedouin qasida
8. J. Retsö, The treatment of final syllables in the Classical Arabic metres: The linguistic background
9. W. Stoetzer. Arabic metrics between quantity and stress
10. F. Thiesen, A typical Hafez qazal
11. A. Tietze, The neutralisation of syntactic rules in poetry (exemplified by Ottoman metrical poetry)
12. B. Utas, Arabic and Iranian elements in New Persian prosody