Papers read at a conference held a the SRII, 28-30 October, 1996 eds. E. Özdalga & S. Person 143 p., ISBN 07007-10-531

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1. B. Beckman, Explaining democratization, notes on the concept of civil society
2. I. Sunar, Civil society and Islam
3. S.J. Al-Azm, Is Islam secularizable
4. B. Tibi, The cultural underpinning of civil society in Islamic civilization: Islam and democracy - bridges between the civilizations.
5. S.E. Ibrahim, From Taliban to Erbakan, The case of Islam, civil society and democracy
6. G. Therborn, Beyond civil society: Democratic experiences and their relevance to the "Middle East"
7. M. Sariolghalam, Prospects for civil society in the Middle East: An analysis of cultural impediments
8. L. Köker, National identity and state legitimacy: Contradictions of Turkey's democratic experience
9. E. Özdalga, Civil society and its enemies: Reflections on a debate in the light of recent developments within the Islamic student movement in Turkey
10. E. Özbudun, Civil society and democratic consolidation in Turkey
11. Å. Lundgren, The European Union as a democracy-promoter
12. I. Brandell, Labour, civil society and democratization in North Africa
13. O. Törnquist, Civil society and divisive politicisation: experiences from popular efforts at democratisation in Indonesia