Papers read at a conference held at the SRII, eds. R, Liljeström & E. Özdalga 286 p., ISBN 0-415-30635-3

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1. Introduction
2. E. Özdalga, Contrasting Modernities

Patterns of autonomy and interdependence
C. Kagitcibasi, Cross cultural perspectives on family change
G. Kyle, Married and degraded to legal minority: The Swedish married woman during the emancipation
period, 1858-1921
R. Liljeström, The strongest bond on trial
A-K. Kollind, What the history of family counselling has to say about family relations
S. Bastug, Household and family in contemporary Turkey: An historical perspective
S. Erder, Urban migration and reconstruction of the kinship networks. The case of Istanbul
Couples, children and families in pictures

Fairness and equity
M. Bäck-Wiklund, The family and the welfare state: A route to de-familialization
U. Björnberg & A-K. Kollind, Equality - a contested concept
T. Einarsdottir, Who rules in the core of the family?
D. Sunar, Change and continuity in the Turkish middle class family
H. Bolak, Family work in working class households in Turkey
R. Liljeström & E. Özdalga, Epilogue: Seeing oneself through the eyes of the other