Cultural, religious and social perspectives Papers read at a conference held a the SRII, 25-27 November, 1996 eds. T. Olsson, E. Özdalga & C. Raudvere 210 p., ISBN 0-7007-1087-6 (h.c.) or 0-7007-1088-4 (p.b.)

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1. I. Mélikoff, Bektashi/Kizilbas: Historical bipartition and its consequences
2. E. Cornell, On Bektashism in Bosnia.
3. D. Shankland, Anthropology and ethnicity: The place of ethnography in the new Alevi movement.
4. K. Vorhoff, Academic and journalistic publications on the Alevi and Bektashi of Turkey
5. F. Bilici, The function of Alevi-Bektashi theology in modern Turkey
6. R. Cakir, Political Alevism versus political Sunnism: Convergences and divergences
7. H. Rittersberger-Tilic, Development and reformulation of a returnee identity as Alevi
8. R. Camuroglu, Alevi revivalism in Turkey
9. F. Bozkurt, State-community relations in the restructuring of Alevism
10. I. Ortayli, Ottoman modernisation and sabetaism.
11. J. During, A critical survey on Ahl-e Haqq studies in Europe and Iran
12. J. Skovgaard-Petersen, Taqiya or civil religion? Druze religious specialists in the framework of the Lebanese confessional state
13. A. Layish, The Druze religious will as a political instrument
14. M. Aringberg-Laanatza, Alevis in Turkey-Alawites in Syria: Similarities and differences
15. T. Olsson, The gnosis of mountaineers and townspeople. The religion of the Syrian Alawites, or the Nusairis
16. C. Raudvere, Urban visions and religious communities: Access and visibility
17. T. Olsson, Epilogue: The scripturalization of Ali-oriented religions