Centre and Provinces in the Ottoman Empire

eds. Elisabeth Özdalga, Sait Özervarli and Feryal Tansug, ISBN 9789197881319

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Part I
1. J Holm, Stockholm as seen from a Distance
2. J. Retsö, Constantinople and the Early Islamic Conquests
3. B. Masters, Arab Attitudes towards the Ottoman Sultanate, 1516-1798

Part II
4. L. Peirce, Becoming Ottoman in 16th Century Aintab
5. N. Lafi, Petitions and Accommodating Urban Change in the Ottoman Empire
6. V. Kechriotis, Contesting the Imperial Centre: Political Elites in Smyrna and their rivalry with Istanbul
7. F. Tansug, Istanbul and the Aegean Islands: Imroz in the mid-19th Century

Part III
8. M. Boqvist, Visualising the Ottoman Presence in Damascus: Interpreting 16th Century Building Complexes
9. H. Kayali, A Glimpse from the Periphery; Medina in the Young Turk Era
10. A. Rahim Abu Husayn, One Ottoman Periphery Views Another: Depictions of the Balkans in the Beirut Press, 1876-1908

Part IV
11. T. Rooke, Nostalgia, Admiration and Critique: Istanbul in Arabic Travel Accounts from the Early 20th Century
12. S. Zubaida, Iraqi Memoirs of Ottomans and Arabs: Ma’ruf al-Rusafi and Jamil Sidqi al-Zahawi
13. M. Fazlhashemi, Istanbul’s Intellectual Environment and Iranian Scholars of the Early Modern Period