Papers read at a conference held at the SRII, 27-29 November, 1997 eds. A. Hammarlund, T. Olsson & E. Özdalga 168 p., ISBN 0-7007-1148-1

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Part I: Tasavvuf and music
A. Schimmel. The role of music in Islamic mysticism

Part II: Method and aesthetics
D. Österberg, General socio- musicological concepts: Expression, structure, and context
A. Shiloah, Patterns of change and continuity in liturgical and ritual music
A. Hammarlund, Sacral, secular or sacred? An essay on music and aesthetic emancipation

Part III: Structure and evolution
W. Feldman, Structure and evolution of the Mevlevi Ayin: the case of the third Selâm
I. Evrim Binbas, music and Samâ' of the Mavlaviyya in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth centuries: origins, ritual and formations
E. Seroussi, From the court and Tarikat to the synagogue: Ottoman art music and Hebrew sacred songs

Part IV: Change and continuity in the modern era
C. Behar, The technical modernization of Turkish Sufi music: The case of the Durak
O. Tekelioglu, An inner history of "Turkish music revolution"-demise of a music magazine
N. Karakayali, An introduction to the history of music debates in Turkey
N. Clayer, Tasavvuf, music and social change in the Balkans

Part V: Sufi music and the media
J. During, Sufi music and rites in the era of mass reproduction techniques and culture