Change and Continuity

Papers read at a conference held a the SRII, 9-11 June, 1997 ed. E. Özdalga 187 p., ISBN 0-7007-1269-0 (h.c.) or 0-7007-1147-3 (p.b.)

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1. H. Algar, From Kashghar to Eyüp: The lineages and legacy of Sheikh Abdullah Nidai
2. I. Togan, The Khafi, jahri controversy in Central Asia revisited
3. J-A Gross, The Waaf of Khoja 'Ubayd Allah Ahrâr in nineteenth century Central Asia: A preliminary study of the Tsarist record
4. B. Abu-Manneh, A note on "Rashahat-i 'Ain al-Hayay" in the nineteenth century
5. I. Ortayli, The policy of the Sublime-porte towards Naqshbandis and other Tariqas during the Tanzimat period
6. V. Schubel, Post-Soviet hagiography and the reconstruction of the Naqshbandi tradition in contemporary Uzbekistan
7. F. Shakely, The Naqshbandi sheikhs of Hawraman and the heritage of Khaliddiyya-Mujaddidiyya in Kurdistan
8. L. Stenberg, Naqshbandiyya in Damascus: Strategies to establish and strengthen the order in a changing society
9. B. Utas, The Naqshbandiyya of Afghanistan on the eve of the 1978 copu d'état
10. H. Yavuz, The matrix of modern Turkish Islamic movements: The Naqshbandi Sufi order
11. F. Atacan, A portrait of a Naqshbandi sheikh in modern Turkey
12. K. Özal, Twenty years with Mehmed Zahid Kotku: A personal story