Papers read at a Colloquium held at the SRII 31 May - 5 June 1992 eds. L. Rydén & J.O. Rosenqvist 173 p., ISBN 91-86884-05-0

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1. H. Montgomery, The parting of the ways: Byzantium and It-aly in the fifth century
2. B. Utas, Byzantium seen from Sasanian Iran
3. J. Retsö, The road to Yarmuk: The Arabs and the fall of the Roman power in the Middle East
4. R. Holthoer, Byzantine Egypt: Cultures in collision
5. W. Witakowski, Syrian monophysite propaganda in the fifth to seventh centuries
6. A. Hultgård, Armenia in change and crisis, The Byzantine im-pact
7. S. Sande, The icon and its origin in Graeco-Roman portraiture
8. B. Kiilerich, Sculpture in the round in the early Byzantine pe-riod: Constantinople and the east
9. Ø. Hjort, Augustus Christianus-Livia Christiana: Sphragis and Roman portrait sculpture
10. H. Torp, Thessalonique paléochrétienne: Une esquisse
11. L. Rydén, Gaza, Emesa and Constantinople: Late ancient cities in the light of hagiography
12. J.O. Rosenqvist, Asia Minor on the threshold of the Middle Ages: Hagiographical glimpses from Lycia and Galatia
13. G. af Hällström, The duties of an emperor according to Justin-ian I
14. A. Berger, Überlegungen zur frühbyzantinischen Stadtplanung in Konstantinopel
15. P-J Nordhagen, The mosaics of the Great palace of Constan-tinople: A note on an archaeological puzzle