ed. Bo Utas & Annika Rabo ISBN 9186884131

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1. A. Rabo & B. Utas, The role of the state in West Asia
2. K. Ulusoy, War, mobilisation and the economy
3. R. Micallef, Turkish women write war
4. Ö. Z. Oktav, A brief survey of Turkish-Iranian relations during the second half of the 1990's
5. B. Turam, What does the secular state have to do with revivalist Islam? The Turkish case and the Gülen movement
6. H. Ahmadzadeh, Traces of statelesness in the Kurdish novel
7. P. Sluglett, The urban bourgeoisie and the colonial state: understanding current Syrian policy towards Hatay
8. B Isaksson & A Lahdo, Reflections on the linguistic situation in Anatolia and Northern Syria from a Semitist's perspective
9. A Rabo, Aleppo traders and the Syrian state
10. J. Amid & A Hadjikhani, The state, technological capacities and technical exchange in Iran
11. H. Bani-Shoraka, Language policy and language planning: Some definitions
12. C. Jahani, State control and its impact on languages in Balochistan
13. E. Melander, State manipulation or nationalist ambition? Assessing the causes of the Nagorno-Karabakh war
14. M. Kobaidze & K. Vamling, The balance of languages in post-soviet Georgia