The Swedish Orientalist Johannes Kolmodin as Scholar, Activist, and Diplomat

ed. Elisabeth Özdalga ISBN 91-86884-14-X

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1. E Özdalga, Introduction

2. S. Kahle, Johannes Kolmodin: His Youth, Political Thinking and Life with the Turks Reflected in His Letters to His Parents

3. L.O. Eriksson, The Swedish Evangelical Mission as a Background to Johannes Kolmodin’s Life and Work

4. E. Gebremedhin, Zanta Tsazzegan Hazzegan: Johannes Kolmodin’s Contribution to the Understanding of Eritrean Highland Culture

5. C-G. Kolmodin, Friends and Compatriots: Sven Hedin, Sven Lidman and Nathan Söderblom

6. I. Sanner, Contradictions of Modernity: Cultural Life in Sweden during the First Decades of the Twentieth Century

7. T. Örn, Swedish Foreign Policy at the Time

8. C-G. Kolmodin, An Ill-matched Couple: The Envoy Gustaf Wallenberg and the Dragoman Johannes Kolmodin

9. E. Özdalga, Excerpts from the Diplomatic Reports

10. C. Toll, Semitic Philology and Truth: An Aesthetic View of Scholarship by One of Johannes Kolmodin’s Successors