Government and Democracy in Middle Eastern and European Perspectives

eds. Elisabeth Özdalga and Sune Persson ISBN 9789197881302

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1. E. Özbudun, Turkey’s Constitutional Problem and the Search for a New Constitution
2. L. Köker, Contesting “Sovereignty”: Turkey’s Constitutional Problem in the Light of New Conceptualizations
3. V. Kechriotis, The Second Constitutional Period of the Ottoman Empire: A Disputed Legacy
4. I. Sunar, Turkey, the Cultural Factor and the European Union
5. O. Petersson, The Swedish Constitution of 1809
6. D. Mukhopadhyay, Ambition and Retreat: State-Building in Afghanistan and the Persistence of Informal Power
7. S. Darnolf, Pakistan’s Justice Sector: Defending or Diluting the Constitution?
8. S. Zubaida, Role and Strength of Institutions: the Contrasting Cases of Iran and Iraq
9. E. Picard, Consensus Democracy at its Limits: Lebanon in Search of Electoral Reform
10. S. Persson, Ruling with or without a Constitution: Israel and Palestine
11. A-K. Jonasson, Is Monarchy Compatible with Democracy? The Constitutional framework and Royal Initiatives for Democracy in Jordan
12. C. Hassabo, When Constitutional Amendments Mean Authoritarian Consolidation: The Case of Egypt.
13. F. Kohstall, Morocco’s Monarchical Legacy and its Capacity to Implement Social Reforms
14. S. Gustavsson, European Transnational Constitutionalism: End of History, or a Role for Legitimate Opposition?