Ethiopian, South-Arabic and Islamic studies presented to Oscar Löfgren on his ninetieth birthday 13 May 1988 by colleagues and friends 168 p., ISBN 91-22-01289-3

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1. A.F.L. Beeston, The chain of al-Mandab
2. E. Gebremedhin, The anaphora of St. Cyril of Aleandria in the liturgical practice of the Ethiopian orthodox church, observations on the text and the interpretation of the Ge'ez version.
3. A.Jamme, A new Qatabanian dedicatory inscription to the god Basamum, Ja 3198
4. G. Jarring, Good form and polite phrases among the Turks of southern Sinkiang
5. W. Leslau, The Ge'ez and the Arabic vocabulary
6. W. Madelung, Imam al-Qasim ibn Ibrahim and Mu'tazilism
7. W.W. Müller, Ein himjarischer Satz bei al-Malik al-Asraf
8. R. Pankhurst, Childhood in traditional Ethiopia: Work, education and preparation for adult life and literacy
9. J. Ryckmans, Une table à libations avec inscription sabéenne provenant du Gawf du Yémen
10. R.B. Serjeant, Yafi', Zaydis, Al Bu Bakr b. Salim and others: tribes and Sayyids
11. G. Svedlund, Notes on some negative morphems in written and colloquial Arabic
12. C. Toll, The 10th Maqala of al-Hamdani's Sara'ir al-hikma. Some observations
13. R. Traini, Un caso singolare di garib al-luga (dal ms. Ambrosiano àrabo H 94)
14. J. Tubiana, Le mariage musulman dit "préférentiel", remarques et hypothèses
15. H. Nordesjö, List of publications by Oscar Löfgren