Between 2005 and 2014, the SRII printed five non-peer-reviewed talks and conference papers in Swedish, English or Turkish under this signature. Most of them were devoted to contemporary issues or politics.


Birgit N. Schlyter (ed.) Historiography and Nation-Building among Turkic Populations (2014). Contributions by B. N. Schlyter, T. Dadabaev, B. Ersanlı, Y. E. Gürbüz, Z. Gazimov, A. Sengupta, R. Turaeva-Hoehne and E. T. Schluessel.

Michele Micheletti (ed.), Democratization and Citizenship Discourses in the Mena Region (2014). Contributions by M. Micheletti, A. Jarrick, M. Boqvist, D. P. Ritter, N. Mchala, R. Mansour, R. K. Weaver, J. Barsalou, E. Lundgren Jörum, T. Kancı, and J. Sandahl.

Ingmar Karlsson, Istanbul Lectures 2003-2008 (2008). Lectures held at the SRII by Ingmar Karlsson during his years as Swedish consul general in Istanbul.

Ingmar Karlsson and Annika Ström Melin (eds.) Türkiye, İsveç ve Avrupa Birligi: Deneyimler ve beklentiler (2007) Contributions by I. Karlsson, H. Yilmaz, S. Alpay, F. Langdahl, C. Aktar, J. Hettne, Chr. Asp, A. Eralp, and K. Ulusoy. Originally published in English by the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies as Turkey, Sweden and the European Union Experiences and Expectations 2006.

Five Essays on Icons (2005). Contributions by U. Abel, V. Geelmuyden Bulgurlu, E. Balicka - Witakowska, N. Lindgren and H. Bodin. Issued in Turkish by Kitap Yayinevi as İkonalar (2005).


From 1984 to 2001, five publications appeared under this name, most of them in Swedish and mainly for the purpose of internal distribution within the institute or among affiliated scholars.

Lars Johanson, Discoveries on the Turkic linguistic map (2001)

Ulla Ehrensvärd, “Dragomanhuset” och Svenska forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul (two editions, 1988 and 1999. First published in Meddelanden 1987).

Christer Westerdahl, Från Norrtjärn till Konstantinopel: Mathias Norberg (1747 1826), orientalist och humanist (Örnsköldsviks museum småskriftserie nr 24, 1990).

Lars Holm, Brev till Jacob Jonas Björnståhl om ett besök i Konstantinopel/Istanbul (historicising travelogue 1984. First published in Meddelanden 1983).