"Kalabalık" or "kalabalik" is a word that exists exclusively in Turkish and Scandinavian, where it means "throng" or "commotion". It entered the Swedish language (and from there, Norwegian and Finnish) after a dramatic incident during the years 1709-14 when the Swedish king Charles XII, following his defeat against Russia at Poltava, lived in and ruled from the Ottoman Empire.

Kalabalık! is also the name of the bulletin of the SRII. Appearing since 2017, it offers a variety of up-to-date information about current activities and scholarships at the institute and its environs, profiles and interviews with its researchers and affiliates, as well as shorter, non-peer-reviewed scholarly reports and articles. The main language is English, but it occasionally accepts contributions in Swedish and Turkish.

Kalabalık! is published online, but physical copies are printed for local distribution.