Writing the Ottoman Mystery Novel

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Hatzi-Yavrouda of Kos, an Exceptional Storyteller

Spring Lecture @ SRII


A Swedish Girl in Turkey of the 1920s

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Feminism as Transformative Politics

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Refugees and Mass Migration to Istanbul in the Wake of World War I

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Judeans of the Babylonian Exile

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


1918: The Concept of the “New Life”and “Emancipated” Women in Turkey

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Water Management at Labraunda

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


The Colonnaded Streets of Roman Palestine

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


The Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Ottoman Empire

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


The Second Great War

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Ottoman Cinema from 1917-1919

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


RWI Lecture II: The Future of Human Rights in Europe

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


The Ottoman Economy in 1918

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Monumental inscriptions and their stories

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Towards the Extreme: Black Metal Music in Turkey

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Seminar @ SRII


Anatolian Landscapes

Conference @ IFEA


Cisterns, Water Supply and Risk in the Greek World

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Public Space Mobilization and its Consequences

Seminar @ Bogazici University


Ideas, Persons, and Transfers: Russian-Turkish Interaction Between 1917 - 2017

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Romani Studies at SRII

Seminar @ SRII


Turkiye´de Kapital Cevirilerinin Macerasi

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Battleship Potemkin in History and in the Movie

Autumn Lecture @ Cezayir Salonu


Exile, Political and Economic Migration in the Ottoman Empire

Conference @ CEZAYIR Toplanti Salonu


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


Transformations of public space

Seminar @ SRII


Ethnographic research on historical knowledge in Kyrgyzstan

Jarring Lecture @ Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm


A City Altered by the Population Exchange

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


A Study on Existential Meaning- Making Coping with Cancer

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks: Borders, Nations, Citizens

Seminar @ SRII


Ottoman Monuments in Kavala

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Images of the Past - Kavala & Its Region

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


An Overview of the History of Kavala (end of the 14th c - 1912)

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Old Oaks in Turkey – an unknown treasure

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Syrien i Sverige

Conference @ Etnografiska muséet


Today Talks: Nomads & Wanderers

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks: Crossing Borders

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Beyond Rome

Conference @ Stockholm


Today Talks: Memory of Things

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


How Can Religion Contribute to Peace in Cyprus?

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks: Fact & Fiction

Seminar @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


SRII Seminar - Internet Suzerainty

Seminar @ SRII


Symbolic Aspects of Architecture

Conference @ SRII


Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflicts

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - Ideas on the Roads

Seminar @ SRII


Turkey and Azerbaijan: One Religion - Two States?

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Backwards into the Future: Erdogan´s New Turkey

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Assessing Urban Expansion of Istanbul 2000-2013

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


SRII Seminar - Den Levande Kakelplattan

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Personal Space & Invasion of Privacy

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


The Revival of Pagan Cult Sites in Late Antiquity

Spring Lecture @ SRII


IDP Business Meeting

Workshop @ SRII


Istanbul ´s Urban Heritage: Protection and Threats

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Swedish-Turkish Relations Today

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks -Modern Day Traditions

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Technology and Education

Seminar @ SRII


Welcome Reception

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Faith and Tolerance

Seminar @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


Today Talks - Gendered VS Queered Design

Seminar @ SRII


Rhetoric and Politics

Occasional Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - LGBT; Why? When? Where?

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Istanbul, city of migrants

Seminar @ SRII


The 2014 Jarring Lecture

Jarring Lecture @ SRII



Conference @ SRII


In Science (Alone) We Trust?

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


New Religiosities and Science

Workshop @ Workshop @ Orient-Institut Istanbul


Summer school 2014

Master's Course @ SRII


Klassisk arabiska: Modersmål eller orakelmål?

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Nationhood and Citizenship in Turkish Friday Sermons

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Edebiyat Atölyesi

Workshop @ SRII


Polygonal columns in ancient Greek architecture

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


International Relations in Historical Perspective

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - Türkiye´de Kadin Üzerine:

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Literary History

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Gendered Violence as Legal Constructions:

Seminar @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Today Talks - Today´s Public Space

Seminar @ SRII


Alevi Identity Revisited

Spring Lecture @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Research Seminar

Seminar @ Istanbul Institute


Imperial rulership and universal hierarchies in Early Byzantine art

Occasional Lecture @ British Institute of Archaelogy at Ankara


The Central Asian Migrant Experience in Turkey and Russia

Workshop @ Department of Sociology, Bogaziçi University


Türk Edebiyati Üzerine Bir Sohbet

Seminar @ srii


Mobility,Acculturation and Identity Formation

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Critical Area/Regional Studies

Workshop @ Malmö University


Labraunda Day

Workshop @ Swedish research institite in Istanbul


Images of Power and Violence

Workshop @ SRII


Post-Soviet Central Asia in a New Eurasia Discourse

Occasional Lecture @ Gediz University,Izmir


Litterär Salong - Drabbad av Rumi

Seminar @ SRII


Vad händer egentligen i Turkiet?

Seminar @ SFII - Stockholm


The SRII Eastern Turkey Seminar 2013

Seminar @ South-eastern Turkey



Workshop @ SRII

For past events, see Events


The Research Collegium today consists of 170 members within the scope of the institute or other individuals who have a close link to the scope of the institute.

Those who are already members of the collegium elect a person into the Research Collegium, during the ordinary meetings. The Research Collegium gathers for two ordinary and statutory meetings every year. The first regular meeting, which is the annual meeting, takes place in spring, normally in April, and second regular meeting takes place in fall, normally in November. 

Abarkan, Abdellah, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Ackfeldt, Anders, Islamologi, Lund University

Ahlund, Mikael, Art History, the National Museum

Ahmadi, Fereshteh, Sociology, University of Gävle

Aktürk Drake, Memet, Bilingualism Research, Stockholm University

Alkan Olsson, Ilhami

Alkan Olsson, Johanna, Centre for Environment and kKlimatforskning, Lund University

Ambjörn, Lena, Arabic, Lund University

Andersson, Dan-Erik,  Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University

Andersson, Jakob, Assyriology, University of Uppsala 

Andrén, Carl-Gustaf, History of Religions, Lund University

Androshchuk, Fedir, Historical Archaeology, Byzantine Studies

Aneer, Gudmar, Religion, Dalarna University

Anfinset, Nils, Archaeology, History, Religion and Culture Studies, University of Bergen

Anneling, Kjell, Diplomat

Aras, Karin, Ethnology, Uppsala University

Aronsson, Inga-Lill, Cultural Studies, Uppsala University

Aspers, Patrik, Sociology, Uppsala University

Augrell, Torsten, Historical Archaeology, Religion

Axelson, Tomas, Religions Studies / Media & Communications, University of Dalarna 

Balicka-Witakowska, Ewa, Art History, Uppsala University

Bani-Shoraka, Helena, Iranian Languages, Uppsala University

Bergan Dræge, Jonas, 

Berggren, Åsa, Archaeology, Lund University

Berglund, Jenny, Religious Studies, Södertörn University

Berndt Ersöz, Susanne, Classical Studies, Stockholm University

Blid Kullberg, Jesper, Classical Studies, Stockholm University

Blumi, Isa, Stockholm University

Brandell, Inga, Political Science, Södertörn University

Brendemoen, Bernt, Turkish language, University of Oslo

von Brömssen, Kerstin, Educational science and languages, University West

Bodin, Helena, Literature, Stockholm University and the Newman Institute

Boqvist, Marianne, History of Architecture, SF II

von Bonsdorff, Jan, Art History, Uppsala University

Bydén, Borje, Greek, Byzantine Studies, Stockholm University

Bäärnhielm, Goran, Latin, cartography, topography, the former Royal Library

Carling, Gerd, Linguistics, Lund University

Carlson, Marie, Sociology, University of Gothenburg

Cetrez, Önver, Religion Psychology, Uppsala University

Cornell, Erik, Diplomat

Croneborg, Rütger, Diplomat

Csató Johanson, Eva, Turkish Languages, Uppsala University

Cullhed, Eric, Linguistics, Uppsala University

Dahlén, Ashk, Persian, Uppsala University

Demarinis, Valerie, Religious Studies, Uppsala University

Donkow, Izabella, Classical Studies, Stockholm University

von Ehrenheim, Hedvig, Classical Studies, Stockholm University

Ekroth, Gunnel, Ancient Culture and Kamhällsliv, Uppsala University

Eldén, Åsa, Sociology, SFII

Endresen, Cecilie, History of Religion, University of Oslo

Engström, Göran, KIMAB AB

Enwall, Joakim, Sinology, Minority Language Research, Kartvelologi, Uppsala University

Falkman, Kaj, Diplomat

Fazlhashemi, Mohammad, Ideas, Umeå University

Frejman, Axel, Classical Archaeology, Uppsala University

Gabrielsson, Catharina, Architecture, KTH Stockholm

Gardell, Mattias, History of Religions, University of Uppsala

Gilhus, Ingvild, Study of Religion, University of Bergen

Goldman, Matthew,

Grinnell, Klas, Ideas and Ideas, World The museums

Gurdal, Sevtap

Göransson, Kristian, Classical Studies, National Museums of World Culture, the Swedish Institute in Rome

Hammarlund, Anders, Musicology, Music Ethnology, Art History, National Music Works / Swedish Music Archive

Hamrin-Dahl, Tina, History of Religions, University of Stockholm

Haugland Sorensen, Tonje, Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen

Hedin, Christer, History of Religions, University of Stockholm

Hedlund, Ragnar, Classical Studies, Uppsala University

Heilo, Olof, Byzantine and Middle Eastern History, University of Vienna

Heldt, Johan, Greek, Uppsala University

Hellström, Pontus, Classical Studies, Uppsala University

Herlitz, Anders, Political Science, Eurpean University

Hermansson, Helena, Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, Swedish Defense University

Hjärpe, Jan, Islamologi, History of Religions, Lund University

Holmberg, Bo, Semitic Languages, Lund University

Houby Nielsen, Sanne, Classical Studies, National Museums of World Culture

Hult, Karin, Greek, University of Gothenburg

Häggman, Sofia, Egyptology, National Museums of World Culture

Hällzon, Patrick, Turkish Languages, Uppsala University

Ims, Gunvald, Turkologi, Uppsala University

Isaksson, Bo, Semitic Languages, Uppsala University

Jackson, Peter, History of Religions, University of Stockholm

Jacobsson, Bengt, Social Anthropology, University of Gothenburg

Jahani, Carina, Iranian Languages, Uppsala University

Janson, Torsten, Islamic Studies, Lund University

Jansson Nicklas, Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Linköping University

Jarenius, Christina

Jarrick, Arne, History, Stockholm University

Jeffner, Anders, Religious Studies, Uppsala University

Johansson, Britt-Inger, Art History, Uppsala University

Johanson, Lars, Turkish language, Mainz University

Johansson de Chateau, Lena, Advertising and Public Relations, Page

Jonasson, Ann Kristin, Political Science, University of Gothenburg

Josephson, Folke, Anatolistik, University of Gothenburg

Josephson Hesse, Kristina, Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University

Jörum, Emma, Political Science, Uppsala University

Karahan, Anne, Aesthetics, Patristik / theology, art history, CSF II

Karakoc, Birsel, Turkish language, Uppsala University

Karivieri, Arja, Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University

Karoly, Laszlo, Turkish Languages, Uppsala University

Karlsson, Andrea, Human Rights, Lund University

Karlsson, Ingmar, Diplomat

Karlsson, Lars, Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University

Karlsson, Sandra

Karlsson, Åsa, National Archives

Kayaoğlu, Turhan

Klynne, Allan, Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University

Knutsson, Bengt, Semitic Languages, Lund University

Laanatza, Marianne, Empirical conflict research and intl trade, Lund University

Lahdo, Ablahad, Semitic Languages, Uppsala University

Larsson, Erika, Lund University

Larsson, Göran, Religion, Uppsala University

Lejdegård, Hans, Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University

Levin, Paul T., Turkey's economy and politics, University of Stockholm

Linderman, Alf, Sociology of Religion, Sigtunastiftelsen

Liljenstolpe, Peter, Advertising and Public Relations, Royal College of Music

Liljeström, Rita, Sociology

Lundgren, Åsa, Political Science, Uppsala University

Lööw, Maj-Lis, former Chairman of the Board

Magnusson, Jörgen, History of Religions, University of Uppsala

Malmberg, Simon, Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Bergen

Markussen, Hege Irene, Islamologi, Lund University and the University of Bergen

Meyer, JörgenArchaeology, History, Religion and Culture Studies, University of Bergen

Modée, Johan, Malmö University

Myrne, Pernilla, Language and Literature, University of Gothenburg

Mårtelius, Johan, History of Architecture, KTH Stockholm

Naldemirci, Öncel, Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg

Nihlfors, Elisabeth, Ministry of Education, Uppsala University

Nilsson, Ingela, Greek, Uppsala University

Nilsson, Per-Erik, Centre for Research on Religion and Society, University of Uppsala

Nockert, Margaret, Textile Studies, Uppsala University

Nordberg, Michael, History

Nordlander, Jan, Diplomat

Nylander, Carl, Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University

Nylander, Eva, University Library, Lund University

Nyström, Eva, Greek, Uppsala University

Olovsdotter, Cecilia, Archaeology and Ancient History, CSF II and Lund University

Olsson, Gertrud, Architecture, KTH Stockholm

Olsson, Susanne, Religious Studies, Södertörn University

Otterbeck, Jonas, Religion, Islamologi, Lund University

Palm, Martin, Turkish language

Parslow, Joakim, Political Science, University of Washington

Paulson, Therese

Pedersen, Olof, Assyriology, University of Uppsala

Petersson, Bo

Petersson, Lina

Rabo, Annika, Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

Raudvere, Catharina, History of Religions, University of Copenhagen

Retsö, Jan, Arabic, University of Gothenburg

Roos, Paavo, Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University

Rosen, Staffan, Korean, Stockholm University

Rosenqvist, Jan Olof, Byzantine Studies, Uppsala University

Ross Solberg, Anne, Religious Studies, Södertörn University

Roth, Hans Ingvar, Human Rights, Stockholm University

Rubenson, Samuel, Church History, Lund University

Rudebeck, Karin, the former Chairman of the Board

Rydell Johnsen, Henry, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University

Sanden, Marie-Louise, Sociology, University of Linköping

Sandgren, Folke, the former Royal Library

Schierenbeck, Isabell, University of Gothenburg

Sælid Gilhus, Ingvild, Religious Studies, University of Bergen

Schlyter, Birgit, Turkish language, Central Asian Studies, SF II and Stockholm University

Seland, Eivind,  Archaeology, History, Religion and Culture Studies, University of Bergen

Sjöberg, Lars Olof, Greek, Uppsala University

Småberg, Maria, History, Lund University

Sorgenfrei, Simon, Religious Studies, University of Gothenburg

Spehar, Andrea, University of Gothenburg

Stenberg, Leif, Islamologi, Lund University

Stjernholm, Simon, Religion, Islamologi, Lund University

Strand, Elin, sociology, religious studies, Romani studies, Cultural Multeum - Strangnas Museum and Library

Styrenius, Carl-Gustaf, Advertising and Public Relations, Swedish Institute in Athens

Sultán Sjöqvist, Madeleine, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University

Svanberg, Ingvar, Ethnology, Uppsala University

Svensson, Jonas, Culture Sciences, Linnaeus University

Swiecicka, Elzbieta, Turkish language, Stockholm University

Tarschys, Daniel, Political Science, Stockholm University

Thomassen, Einar, University of Bergen

Thurfjell, David, History and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn University

Uggla, Frederick, Latin American Studies, Stockholm University

Unge-Sörling, Suzanne, Advertising and Public Relations, National Museums of World Culture

Utas, Bo, Iranian studies at Uppsala University

Uygur, Tülin

Vahlquist, Frederick, Diplomat

Vikør, Knut S. History, Bergen University

Wahlgren, Staffan, Classical Philology, Norway's technical-naturvetenskaplige University, Trondheim

Wahlquist, Håkan, Asia's anthropology, archeology, culture, history and social conditions, the National Museums of World Culture and the Royal Academy. Sciences

Wallenstein, Jenny, Advertising and Public Relations, Swedish Institute in Athens

Wardini, Elie, Arabic, Stockholm University

Westberg, David, Greek, Uppsala University

Westergren, Andreas,  Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University

Westerlind, Michael, Diplomat

Widgren, Greger, Diplomat

Widmark, Anders, Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University

Wigen, Einar, University of Oslo

Ådahl, Karin, Art History

Åhlund, Aleksandra, Sociology, migration, ethnicity, Linköping University

Öhrn, Elisabeth,  Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

Östlund, Joachim, History, Lund University

Özdalga, Elisabeth, Sociology, Bilkent University, Ankara

Özkirimli, Umut, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University

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